In Importing British
Military Vehicles
Into the U.S.
Welcome to KHAKI CORPS IMPORTS (KCI). KCI is a licensed importer of foreign military vehicles and equipment into the United States. KCI primarily specializes in British military vehicles (Land Rovers, armoured personnel carriers, scout cars, self propelled guns, tanks, ...). With that said we also have a variety of post WWII US military equipment and spare parts. KCI sales include vehicles and spares that are in stock as well as sales on an order basis. From the historical aspect of the business, KCI has been in the military and gun related equipment business in one form or another since the 1980s.

Our intention with this site is two-fold:
- The first objective is to provide some educational material for the military vehicle enthusiast on British military vehicles.

- The second objective is to provide some information about Khaki Corps Imports and what vehicles and equipment we have available for sale.

The inventory (IN STOCK) section is a listing of vehicles, equipment, kit, and spare parts that KCI has available in Tulsa, OK and other locations. Unless otherwise stated the item will be located in Tulsa.

The British vehicle CATALOG is a listing of British military vehicles that are currently available on the market to collectors. The CATALOG is not a complete listing but represents many of different types. All of the vehicles represented are post WWII. Each listing includes descriptions, specs, and some notes specifically for the collector or enthusiast that might be considering purchasing a vehicle.

Most of the listings include photos of the vehicle types. The specs on the vehicles listed are relatively accurate but should not be taken as exact as there are many factors that come into play. Some of these factors include the fact there are different marks of the same vehicle, different references, etc... The specs should give the enthusiast a good idea how big, heavy, fast, etc... a given vehicle is.