British FV432
Armoured Personnel Carrier
Model FV430 Series

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The FV 432 family of armoured personnel carriers (APC) began production in 1962 running for 10 years. At least 2 dozen variations of the 430 series were purpose built for the British Army alone. Some of these utilize the standard 432 body with only minor interior changes such as troop seats or litter racks. Some required the fitting of a turret like the 30mm Rarden and one model the FV434 maintenance unit had an open rear body.

A Rolls Royce K60 6.5 liter engine hurls this armoured wagon down the road at 32 mph. There are some small differences in the four mark versions none of real consequence less you want the NBC protected version, Mk 2/2. This is by far the most prolific of British armoured vehicles to date making for wide spread interchangability of parts and equipment. Although the Abbot FV433 105mm SPG is of the same basic clan it should be regarded as a distant cousin due to many differences from the rest of the family. The Abbot Self Propelled Gun is listed separate in this catalog.

Series: - FV432 Basic APC
- Command vehicle
- Ambulance
- Cargo carrier
- Recovery vehicle
- Wavell (ECM)
- FV432 Infantry 81mm Mortar
- 120mm Wombat
- 84mm Infantry Gun
- 7.62mm MG Turret (2 types)
- 30mm Rarden Turret
- Radar GS #14
- Milan
- FV432 Artillery FACE
- Cymberline
- FV432 Engineer Ranger (AP mine layer)
- FV433 Abbot 105mm SPG
- FV434 Carrier Maintenance
- FV438 Swingfire launcher
- FV439 Signals vehicle
Specs on FV432 APC version

Crew: 2 + 10
Engine: Rolls Royce K60 in-line vertically opposed 6 cylinder multifuel engine
Transmission: GM-Allison TX200-4A automatic
Top Speed: 32 mph
Weight (empty): 33692 lbs
Height: 6 ft 2 in
Length: 17 ft 21/2 in
Width: 9 ft 2 in
Electrical System: 24 volt

Notes For Collectors: Considering these to be of medium size and weight in the realm of tracked MVs, as well as the commonality of parts and accessories, the FV430 family make for a great addition to your stable of military vehicles. With so many to choose from it is hard to select just one, some times a pair is necessary. As with so many British manufactured MVs they have been exported to many NATO and allied countries. Remember this is more than an old Army APC, this is a recreational vehicle that the whole family can load into for a ride down the trail.