CVR(T) Samaritan Ambulance
Model FV104

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The Samaritan Ambulance hull is similar to the Spartan but has an additional 12 inches in roof height. The driver and vehicle commanders positions are layed out similar to the Spartan and Striker. The rear compartment has room enough for four passengers. This can be nearly any combination of sitting and stretcher. In a combat role one of the sitting positions is normally taken up by a medic. Due to the nature of the vehicles mission there are only smoke dischargers mounted for armament.

Crew: 3 ( driver, commander, and medical assistant)
Weight (max): 19,100 lbs
Height: 7 ft 10 in
Length: 16 ft 5 in
Width: 7 ft 2 in
Electrical System: 24 volt

Notes For Collectors: A wide variety of the CVR(T) series vehicles are now available on the private collectors market. These typically include the Scorpion, Sabre, Spartan, Sultan, Striker, and Samson. If you are looking for an armoured vehicle to drive, the CVR(T) series of vehicles offers performance, automotive dependability, spare parts availability and are small enough to store without excessive expenses. The CVR(T) vehicles are quite modern, especially for the private collectors market. The British Army still uses many of them on active duty. Most of the older armoured vehicles, for example the M4 Sherman, are difficult at best to maintain due to lack of spare parts availability. The prices of CVR(T) vary widely depending on condition and model. The gun versions (Scorpion (76mm) and Sabre (30mm) generally are the most expensive followed by Spartan APC and so on. If you are in the USA I would recommend that you buy the best condition vehicle you can afford to buy. Restoring one here is difficult at best. We do stock some CVR(T) spares and our list is constantly growing.