Land Rover Forward Control 101
1 Ton Truck
Models: FC101 General Service, Ambulance, & Radio Body

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The development of the Forward Control 101 was primarily due to the British army requirement for a gun tractor to pull the then new 105mm Light Gun. The initial prototype was shown in 1968 with a preproduction run of vehicles in 1972. The 1000kg 101 truck entered service with the British army in 1975 with production being completed by 1978.

Approximately 2600 vehicles were manufactured. Initial development had included a 2 wheeled powered trailer. The trailer was powered by a propeller shaft connected to the truck's PTO. The trailer did not reach the production phase. The 101 typically comes in General Service (cargo), ambulance and radio body versions. Both left and right hand drive as well as 12 and 24 volt versions were produced. Approximately 20 percent of the vehicles were fitted with a prop shaft driven Nokken winch (model R1BJ). The winch is mounted on the left side midway between the front and rear axle. The truck can be winched in either direction with a change in cable fairlead direction.

GS Version Specs

Crew: 1+1 (in front)
Engine: Rover 3.5 litre aluminum V-8 petrol engine
Transmission: manual 4 forward/ 1 reverse
Transfer: 2 speed
Top Speed: 75 mph(according to the book)
Weight (empty): 4242 lbs
Height: 7 ft
Length: 13 ft 61/2 in
Width: 6 ft 1/2 in
Electrical System: 12 or 24 volt (24 volt Fitted For Radios [FFR])
Tires: 9.00 X 16

Notes For Collectors: The 101 appears to be the most capable stock Land Rover ever built. It is not much for creature comforts but if you are reading this you probably don't care. The 101 is generally a little too tall to fit in most home garages. It will realistically travel down the highway at 60mph. The GS and ambulance versions are readily available with the radio body more difficult to locate. Parts are generally easy to locate as many are common to other Land Rover models. I recommend a 3/4 tonne Sankey trailer to complete the set. My experience has been that this truck will turn more heads than any new 4x4 costing 4 times as much.