British Ferret Scout Car
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The Ferret is an armoured 4X4 vehicle designed for road and cross-country use. The primary role of the Ferret was reconnaissance. Over 4400 Ferrets were manufactured by Daimler LTD, UK, between 1952 to 1971. There are 16 variants of the Ferret that were produced. The different variants, indicated by the Mark number assigned, differed in many ways.

The vehicle is of an all welded steel construction. Power is provided by a Rolls Royce B60 series in-line 6 cylinder petrol engine. The suspension is fully independent with a coil spring and hydraulic damper at each wheel. The brakes are hydraulic.

Different Variants: - Mk 1 Original Liaison vehicle
- Mk1/1 Thicker side and rear hull plates
- Mk1/2 Light Recon vehicle. Fixed turret. Bren LMG
- Mk1/3 As Mk 1/1 with floatation screen added
- Mk2 Original recon vehicle with 2 door turret
- Mk2/1 Original Mk 1with 2 door turret added
- Mk2/2 Original Mk 1 with extension collar and 3 door turret added
- Mk 2/3 Orig. Mk2 fitted with thicker side & rear hull plates during manufacture
- Mk 2/4 Orig Mk 2 fitted with weld-on appliqué plates on sides of hull and turret
- Mk 2/5 Mk 1 fitted with appliqué plates as Mk 2/4
- Mk2/6 Vigilant- Mk 2/3 converted as missile launcher
- Mk2/7 As Mk 2/6 less missile launching equipment
- Mk 2/8 As Mk2/3 fitted with 7.62mm GPMG
- Mk 3 Liaison vehicle, basic hull for MK 4 and 5
- Mk4 Recon vehicle with 2 door turret or Mk 2/3 rebuilt to new spec
- Mk 5 Mk 3 hull with turret for missile launcher and GPMG
Crew: Liaison style vehicles(open top)=3(Commander, Gunner, Driver)
Other variants 2(Gunner/Commander, Driver)

The following specs are for a Mk 2/3 turreted recon vehicle

Engine: Rolls Royce B60 in-line six cylinder petrol engine
Transmission: preselect 5 speed
Top Speed: 58 mph
Weight (empty): 8120 lbs
Height: 6 ft 2 in
Length: 12 ft 7 in
Width: 6 ft 3 in
Electrical System: 24 volt (2-12 volt batteries in hull)
Tires: 9.00 X 16 Run Flat

Notes For Collectors: The Ferret has been very popular in the US. It makes a great beginner armored vehicle for the collector. The Ferret is small and light enough to be transported to events with a pickup truck and a heavy duty trailer if you don’t just go ahead and drive it there. Its’ small size also lends to easy storage. A Ferret will fit in any normal house garage. More than one Ferret has been titled and tagged for road use. The vehicle has all of the lights, taillights, horn, mirrors, etc...required by most states for registration. In addition, the Ferret is a relatively fast military vehicle. This vehicle is much more impressive than a jeep.