British CVR(W)
Fox Light Armoured Car
Model FV721

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The first Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance ( Wheeled) CVR(W) Fox prototype was completed in 1967. The Fox was being developed at the same time as the Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) Scorpion. Production was undertaken by the Royal Ordnance Factory, Leeds, but later bought out by Vickers Defense Systems.

Although somewhat similar in appearance to the Ferret, the Fox is a completely different vehicle. One big difference is the Fox has an all aluminum alloy hull. Like the Scorpion, the Fox is powered by the Jaguar J60 4.2 litre 6 cylinder. The 30mm RARDEN cannon that was fitted in the Scimitar is also in the Fox. The layout is similar to the CVR(T)s with the driver in the front of the hull and the gunner and commander in the turret. The turret were unique to the Fox but were later used on some CVR(T) s after the Fox was taken out of service. The Fox was originally manufactured with a floatation screen making the vehicle fully amphibious.

Crew: 3 (driver, gunner, and commander)
Engine: Jaguar XK J60 4.2 Litre In-line 6 cylinder petrol engine
Transmission: Daimler Preselective 5 Speed
Top Speed: 65 mph
Weight (empty): 12640 lbs
Height: 7 ft 3 in
Length: 16 ft 8 in
Width: 7 ft
Electrical System: 24 volt
Tires: 11.00 X 20

Notes For Collectors: The Fox is about as close as you can get to an armoured racecar. While I do not recommend high speeds in any armoured vehicles, this vehicle is very capable in that department. The Fox is a very impressive MV with itís long barreled 30mm gun and turret. It could be tagged and registered in many states making it very easy to take to local events.