Land Rover LWB 109 Series Trucks
Model LWB 109 GS & Ambulance
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The most widely recognized marquee in British military vehicles has to be the Land Rover oval. Company advertising states the Land Rover "the best 4x4 by far" and many militaries agree. The LR 109 Long Wheel Base(109LWB) can be found in use by Army, Navy and Air Force units around the world. Its nominal capacity of ĺ ton on a 109inch wheelbase with full time four wheel drive makes for an ideal size, go any where vehicle.

The British Army officially adopted the 109 in 1956 and continued through series II, IIa and III, only to be replaced by the Defender 110 after 1985. The 109 can be found in many configurations of right or left hand drive, gas or diesel 2.25liter engine, hard top or canvas, and in many varieties such as fitted for radio (FFR), armoured, ambulance, troop carrier and other usual military fittings including special patrol vehicle for the SAS. The 109ís have a pintle hitch for pulling military trailer and spare tyre mounted on the bonnet (hood).

Specs For GS model

Crew: 1+2 (in front)
Engine: 2.25 litre inline 4 cylinder
Transmission: manual 4 forward/ 1 reverse
Transfer: 2 speed
Top Speed: 56 mph
Weight (empty): 3859 lbs
Height: 6 ft 6 in
Length: 14 ft 111/2 in
Width: 5 ft 6 in
Electrical System: 12 or 24 volt (24 volt Fitted For Radios [FFR])
Tires: 7.50 X 16

Notes For Collectors: A Land Rover is an excellent choice for a collectable military vehicle because of the combined factors of: worldwide network of parts suppliers and repair facilities, commonality with civilian versions, perfect size to fit in garage, easy to work on, lots of room to customize and accessorize, and best of all, itís a Land Rover. On the flip side Land Rover bodies are aluminum and the chassis steel. Check for corrosion especially in the foot well area. Electric components and heater/defroster may require some attention. In all 109ís can be had very reasonable and are classic British military vehicles. Their simplicity, size and easy availability of parts makes a Land Rover a great MV to own.