Land Rover Lightweight 4X4
Model 4X4 564 kg
Airportable Light Vehicle

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Land Rover lightweight is a purpose-designed and built military vehicle. The idea was to make the standard Land Rover lighter and smaller thus capable of fitting inside then current British helicopters. What makes this vehicle light weight is the ability to remove the front sheet metal, canvas top and its narrower drive train and body.

The vehicle was first conceived in1964 as an air portable reconnaissance and patrol Ĺ ton 4x4 although not placed into production till 1968 based on the Series II petrol engine, 88 inch WB model. When the general Land Rover line progressed to the Series III so did the lightweight. This model came with either the petrol or diesel 2.25liter engine coupled to a four-speed transmission, 12 or 24volt electrics and right or left hand drive. The 24volt system is usually found on vehicles fitted for radio (FFR), along with antenna mounts. Crew and cargo capacity is 2200 lbs while the towing capacity with the standard pintle hook is 3300 lbs. Removable sliding side windows, glass windshield with wipers and canvas top with sides aid in limiting the weatherís influence on occupants and cargo.

Crew: 1+2
Engine: 2.25 litre inline 4 cylinder or 2.25 litre diesel engine
Transmission: manual 4 forward/ 1 reverse
Transfer: 2 speed
Top Speed: 65 mph
Weight (empty): 3056 lbs
Height: 6 ft 43/4 in
Length: 11 ft 111/2 in
Width: 5 ft
Electrical System: 12 or 24 volt (24 volt Fitted For Radios [FFR])
Tires: 6.50 X 16 or 7.50 X 16

Notes For Collectors: The Land Rover light weight is a great historic military vehicle(HMV) to own. Its small size, light weight and ease of operation make it ideal to fit into the household garage next to a minivan. The commonality of parts with standard Land Rovers and amount of military spares available makes for easy restoration and repair. Since these were supplied around the globe to many NATO and allied countries they are available in several configurations. This is a true military vehicle designed by and for the military. It is all function with little flair. Robust in construction, painfully angular in appearance this is a fun HMV (spelled SUV to the bank and spouse). All the benefits and more of a jeep and best of all itís NOT a jeep!