British Humber "Pig"
Armoured Personnel Carrier
Models FV 1609/FV1611 (Mk 1 and 2)
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The FV 1611, or Truck 1-ton Armoured 4X4 Humber, is the basic APC built on the running gear and suspension of the softskin Humber FV1601 truck. The APC version of the Humber 1600 series was built due to insufficient numbers of Saracen APCs being available in the early 1950s. About 1700 were built. The armoured bodies were supplied by GKN Sankey and the Royal Ordnance Factory in Woolwich while the chassis were supplied by Rootes in Kent. The armoured body was a late in life addition to the chassis.

The Pig, as it is commonly referred to, is normally found in one of two levels of armour. The Mk 1 was the original APC with the Mk 2 being an up-armoured version. The up-armoured version is reported to be 7.62mm resistant. The Pig has an all welded steel hull with the engine at the front, the commander and driver in the middle, and the troop seats in the rear.

Crew: 2 + 6 (8 can fit in the rear but normally only 6 seatbelts are fitted)
Engine: Rolls Royce B60 in-line 6 cylinder developing 120 bhp.
Transmission: Manual with 5 forward and 1 reverse
Top Speed: 40 mph according to one book but 56 according to another
Weight (empty): Mk 1 - 10500 lbs / Mk 2 - 14300 lbs
Height: 7ft
Length: 16 ft 6 in
Width: 6 ft 8 in
Electrical System: 24 volt
Tires: 11.00 X 20 Run Flats

Notes For Collectors: Everybody needs one of these in their garage. This is about as simple an armoured vehicle as one can get. A basic truck chassis with a six cylinder, a 5 speed manual tranny, 4X4, and seating for half a dozen or more with armoured protection on top of that. Obviously this vehicle is no speed demon. It is carrying a lot of extra weight. Steering and braking are events that have to be given some thought. Although it is 4X4, it's capability off road is very limited. Maintenance is simple in comparison to a 6X6 or tracked vehicle. The engine is the same as the Ferret. Parts are still readily available. A good choice for the beginner or advanced armoured vehicle enthusiast. Notes For Law Enforcement Agencies: I also recommend this vehicle for US law enforcement use. Many agencies are wanting an armored vehicle that can be used for a variety of special roles. Although it might be nice to be able to buy a US made armored vehicle, few agencies can afford that. US vehicles easily start around $40,000 when you can find them and go up quickly. This vehicle is your best option dollar for dollar and with ease of maintenance in mind. There is no better buy on the market.