British Sankey
750kg Cargo Trailer
Model FV2381
(click image for large view)
The FV2381 750KG cargo trailer is often referred to as a "Land Rover trailer". The trailer features surge brakes, two stabilizing legs, and a rear tow pintle for an additional trailer. The trailer is all-welded steel construction with multiple lash points for tarp and cargo tiedown. An electrical cable with standard NATO plug is fitted for the lights. The rear of the trailer is fixed thus no tailgate.

Payload Capacity: 1650 lbs
Top Tow Speed: 45 mph (like UHaul trailers)
Weight (empty): 900 lbs
Length: 9 ft 4 in
Width: 5 ft 6 in
Tires: 6.50 X 16

Notes For Collectors: If you own a Land Rover you obviously need one of these trailers. The trailer effectively doubles your cargo capacity. The surge brakes are a very nice feature since the trailer will have brakes regardless of what type of vehicle pulls it. For the military collectors, the physical size of this trailer is about half way between a 1/4 ton Jeep trailer and a 3/4 ton M-101 cargo trailer.