British Stalwart 6X6
Cargo Carrier
Model FV620 Series

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The Alvis Stalwart FV620 series amphibious trucks were first made in 1959 entering military service by early 1960 and continued on through 1972. The design idea was to carry stores and ammunition across Germany without benefit of roads or bridges should the cold war heat up. The full time 6x6 drive and hydrojet propulsion units motivate the boat hull shaped 19,600lb vehicle in all types of terrain.

Should the 220 hp @ 3750 rpm Rolls-Royce B81, 6.5 liter engine with a 5F and 5R transmission not be sufficient to drive out of a bog the 11,000lb front mounted winch can help out. Fuel capacity is 455 liters, which disappears at 71 liters per 100 Km.. Below the cargo deck: engine, drive train and fuel tank all lay in the enclosed hull. There are four types of the basic Stalwart: 2 cargo models, crane bed and engineer version. Much of Stalwart’s drive hardware is similar to the Salamander, from which it was based as well as the Saladin and Saracen. This serious cargo carrier can haul 5000Kg in the bed and tow another 10,000Kg. - FV620 Mk 1 Cargo
- FV622 Mk 2 Cargo
- FV623 Ammunition carrier with crane
- FV624 Engineer version with crane
Crew: 1
Engine: Rolls Royce B81 in-line 8 cylinder petrol engine
Transmission: 5 speed
Top Speed: 39 mph
Weight (empty): 19,600 lbs
Height: 8 ft 4 in
Length: 20 ft 10 in
Width: 8 ft 7 in
Electrical System: 24 volt
Tires: 14.00 X 20

Notes For Collectors: Like all amphibians there is more to the drive train and body than a land only vehicle. This along with the unique design makes for a moderately complicated hobby MV. There is also some small concern with driveshaft bind thus the truck must be driven off road on occasion. Additionally this MV will not fit into the average suburban garage and requires a larger size set of tools for maintenance. On the plus side commonality of parts with other period British MV’s and a fair number (aprox 1600) vehicles produced make the Stalwart a reasonable HMV for those with gusto. Should you own a FV433 Abbot 105mm SPG this is a necessary item to "complete the set." So when you positively have to have a Rolls Royce 6x6 Amphibian, Stalwart is your vehicle.