FH70 155mm Towed Gun
Located in Tennessee
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FH70 155mm Towed Gun

Date of Manufacture: 1978

Vickers Shipbuilding & Engineering LTD.
Barron-in-Furness, Cumbria, UK.


Barrel length is 236"
Overall length is 386"

Notes: This unit does not fire. It has a hole cut in the pressure chamber as well as cuts on the receiver as specified by the US government to meet import demil requirements. These cuts and the pressure chamber hole have been cosmetically covered for appearance.

Otherwise it is fully functional. It sets up and takes down as designed. The drive motor runs well. There are no known issues. It has been housed inside and looks very good. The last service it underwent was in early 2016. It was cleaned and inspected and that's when the cosmetic work was done.