Saracen Mk6
Armoured Personnel Carrier
Located in South Texas
FOR SALE - Price on Request
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Shortly after WWII the British began to develop the FV600 series of 6X6 armoured vehicles. The initial vehicles were the Saladin armoured car, an armoured command vehicle, and the Saracen APC. Alvis LTD completed the first prototype in 1952 and the first production vehicle at the end of the same year. The Saracen was the standard APC in the British Army until it began being replaced by the FV432 in 1963.

The Saracen was used for many years as an internal security vehicle. Reportedly 1838 Saracen APCs were produced. A variety of variants were built including the APC, the command post vehicles, and an ambulance. The Saracen is of an all-welded steel hull with primary access gained thru the double doors on the rear. The driver sits centered in the front with the commander/gunner immediately behind him. Four troop seats line each side of the rear. The APC normally has a machine gun (MG) turret as well as a ring for an externally mounted MG over the top rear hull. Two sets of three smoke dischargers are mounted on the front fenders. The Saracen has no amphibious capability other than a deep fording kit.

Crew: 2 + 10
Engine: Rolls Royce B80 inline 8 cylinder petrol engine
Transmission: Preselect 5 speed
Top Speed: 45 mph
Weight (empty): 21,160 lbs
Height: 8 ft 0 in (turret)
Length: 16 ft 4 in
Width: 8 ft 3 in
Electrical System: 24 volt
Tires: 12.00 X 20 Run Flats

Notes on this Particular Vehicle (Saracen APC 05FF42): This Saracen Mk6 APC is in excellent condition. The Mk6 was designed to provide reverse flow cooling in order to allow the vehicle to be operated in warm climates. It is currently titled/registered for road use in Texas. It has been professionally maintained and stored inside for at least the last 15 years. The last major servicing was completed in July 2014. The vehicle does not currently need any maintenance or repairs other than the front seat could stand to be reupholstered to make it like new again.

The vehicle has a non-stock airconditioning/ generator unit installed on the rear portion of the roof. The installation was done using existing bolt holes, etc.. on the vehicle. No permanent modifications were made to the hull. The A/C generator unit can easily been removed to restore the vehicle to a stock configuration.

This Mk 6 has a set of Larkspur radios installed. The radios are fully functional. This is a very capable, well maintained vehicle that is ready to be driven.