Shorland Mk3 Armoured Patrol Vehicle
Located In Salt Lake City, UT
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KCI Vehicle # 3153
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The Shorland Mk 3 Armoured Patrol Vehicle (FV18061), produced by Short Brothers & Harland LTD of Belfast, Ireland, was designed as a multi-mission vehicle. The vehicle was intended to patrol large stretches of country road as well as be used in civil disturbance situations where other armoured vehicles are politically incorrect. The Mk 3 is built on the time-tested Land Rover 109 chassis. Over three quarters of the vehicles components are standard Land Rover parts thus leading to a much more common supply of parts.

The vehicle was used by the Royal Ulster Constabulary and the Ulster Defence Regiment in Northern Ireland. The vehicle was exported to approximately 20 other countries as well for internal security usage.

Crew: 3
Engine: Rover 6 cylinder / 91 BHP
Top Speed: 55 mph
Weight: 7407 lbs (wt in action)
Length: 15 ft 1 in
Width: 5 ft 10 in
Height: 7 ft 6 in (top of turret)
Ground Clearance: 8.3 in

Notes on this Particular Vehicle: This Shorland is in good overall condition although it could use some interior restoration to be really nice. Some of the interior upholstery needs to be replaced. The original pieces are included with the vehicle to use as patterns. The vehicle starts and operates well. It has 4 new correct type military tires. The odometer reads 31,676 miles. The vehicle is titled for road use. This is a great vehicle for an entry level armoured vehicle enthusiast who wants to save some money by doing some restoration work himself.