CVR(T) Sultan FV105
Command Post Vehicle
Located in Tulsa, OK
FOR SALE - Price on Request
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General Information/ Specs: "The CVR(T) Sultan Command Post is one of the members of the highly successful British CVR(T) family of armoured vehicles. The Sultan is basically an armoured office on tracks. The vehicle contains a mapboard, multiple radios for command and control as well as a desk for administrative duties. A tent and frame is carried on the vehicle to extend the workspace ("penthouse") off of the rear of the hull. Additional lighting can be run from the vehicle into the penthouse as well. The roofline of the hull is higher than the other variants to allow more interior space as well as better access.

The automotive components of the Sultan are basically the same as the other members of the family. The drivers compartment and controls are the same as well.
Crew: 5 ( driver, radio operator, commander, and two watch keepers)
Engine: Jaguar J60 4.2 litre in-line 6 cylinder petrol engine
Transmission: TN15X crossdrive hotshift 7 speed
Top Speed: 50 mph
Weight (max): 19,100 lbs
Height: 8 ft 2 in (MG mount)
Length: 15 ft 9 in
Width: 7 ft 103/4 in
Electrical System: 24 volt

Notes On This Vehicle: This is the first CVR(T) Sultan that we have offered for sale. The vehicle is in excellent overall condition. It has recently been serviced prior to shipping from the United Kingdom. It starts easily and runs/shifts/drives/stops as it is suppose to. This is a rare armoured vehicle in the US. It is extremely fun to drive and is a very capable off road piece of equipment. The Sultan can be driven on the road without damaging it due to rubber pads on the steel tracks.

This Sultan includes a large number of accessories included in the sale. Some of these items include:
- the "Penthouse" tent and frame
- 4 Clansman 353 radios with associated Control boxes and wiring harness
- an internal map board assembly
- Penthouse tent lights
- intercom headsets
- a GPMG gun mount located on the Commanders cupola
(and a variety of other items).

Contact us for more details and additional photos.