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In the 1960s the British, French and German governments agreed to collaborate on a joint combat engineer tractor design and development project. After a period of time the Germans and French decided to remove their support from the program in order to pursue their own development projects. In 1973/74 seven prototype of the Combat Engineer Tractor (CET) were built. After extensive trials and some modifications, the CET went into production at the Royal Ordnance Factory Leeds in 1977.

The Combat Engineer Tractor FV180 is a purpose built piece of equipment designed to fill a variety of roles on the battlefield. The CET can dig vehicle fighting pits, construct earthen barriers, repair roads, recover disabled vehicles from water and other obstacles, prepare riverbanks for vehicle crossings, clear obstacles, etc... The CET was designed with an aluminum alloy hull as one of the requirements was for the vehicle to be amphibious. Once in the water the CET has two Dowty drives to propel it. A unique feature of the vehicle is the rocket fired anchor. If the riverbank is steep in the area where the vehicle needs to leave the water, the ground anchor can be launched via rocket towing the winch cable. The CET can then winch itself out. The winch has an 8000 kg capacity and the cable can pull from the front or rear of the vehicle. The bucket can be used as an earth anchor under heavy winch loads.

The CET has a two man crew. Normally the vehicle is driven with the 1.72 cubic meter bucket to the rear. The operators can change seating direction easily depending on what work needs to be done by the vehicle. Both crew positions have similar driving controls. The CET has an NBC capability as well as an A/C system. A lifting jib can also be fitted to the bucket to conduct lifting operations.

The CET has served in the Falklands, Bosnia, and the Gulf wars.

Crew: 2
Engine: Rolls Royce C6TFR inline six cylinder 320hp diesel engine
Top Speed: 32 mph
Weight (combat): 39,600 lbs
Height: 9 ft 4 in
Length: 24 ft
Width: 9 ft 7 in
Electrical System: 24 volt
Armament: 1X 7.62mm L4A4 MG, 2x smoke dischargers

Notes on this Vehicle: There have been very few Combat Engineer Tractors released from the British Army. This vehicle is obviously a very specialized piece of military equipment. This is the first CET that Khaki Corps Imports has imported into the US. There are very few armoured vehicles in the world that have a fully amphibious capability. In addition the CET has the ability to carry out a variety of missions that could be required in numerous circumstances. From a collector's stand point the CET is a very rare and unique vehicle. From a business or organizational viewpoint, the CET is a piece of equipment that can do what very few others can. In addition spare parts can be supplied. If you think your collection or business has a requirement for this type of military vehicle contact us for more information.