New British AFV Helmets
with Integral Headsets
Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Price - POA
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General Information/ Specs: Over the last 2 years we have tried and tested a variety of British AFV helmets with our own vehicles. From our experience we have learned a couple of things. Attempting to purchase and utilize used British surplus AFV helmets and headsets resulted in several problems. Often the interior of the helmets were filthy and deteriorating. The foam rubber would often crumble and end up falling out. Getting your hair full of foreign bits of material just wasn't that appealing. The electrical connections inside the helmets often needed repairing. Sometimes the design of the helmet made them difficult to put on.

Over the past year we have been using the type of helmet featured on this page. These helmets are in new unused condition. They are Clansman compatible. The helmets can be used with or without the outer hardshell. They provide maximum protection for the user versus just wearing a headset. We highly recommend a set of these for your vehicle. In stock quantity is limited.