Catalog of
Tracked British Military Vehicles

Vehicles from our British Tracked Vehicle Catalog.
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British ABBOT 105mm Self Propelled Gun - Model FV433

British Chieftain Main Battle Tank - Model FV4201 All Marks

Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) Series
- Models FV101, FV102, FV103, FV104, FV105, FV106, FV107

British FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier - Model FV430 Series

CVR(T) Samaritan Ambulance - Model FV104

CVR(T) Samson Recovery Vehicle - Model FV106

CVR(T) Scimitar - Model FV107

CVR(T) Scorpion Tank - Model FV101

CVR(T) Spartan Armoured Personnel Carrier - Model FV103

CVR(T) Striker ATGW Vehicle - Model FV102

CVR(T) Sultan Command Post Vehicle - Model FV105