In Stock Vehicles
and Equipment
Located In Tulsa, OK

Vehicles and other equipment that are currently available for sale.
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Ferret Scout Car Mk2/3
Located in Tulsa, OK

CVR(T) Sultan FV105 Command Post Vehicle
Excellent overall condition!
Located in Tulsa, OK

Saracen Mk6 APC
Located in South Texas
In excellent condition!

Shorland Mk3 Armoured Patrol Vehicle FV18061
Located in Salt Lake City, UT

1941 Plymouth P11/P12 US Army Staff Car
Located in Texas

CVR(T) Spartan APC (Model FV103)
Fully serviced at our Tulsa shop facility

Ferret Scout Car Mk1/2
Excellent Running/Driving Vehicle
Located in Tulsa, OK

FH70 155mm Towed Gun
Located in Tennessee
Serviced in early 2016

Combat Engineer Tractor - Model: FV180

1954 Dodge M-37 3/4 Ton Truck
Located in Tulsa, OK

Humber Pig Chassis
Complete rolling chassis.
This could be used on a Mk 1 or Mk2

Other vehicles available.

Although we only stock a limited number of vehicles at any one time, most of the vehicles listed in the CATALOG can be purchased on an order basis. Contact us for more details.